“The seed of a noble plant is reborn as a fruit in the next generation”

This is the philosophy of Juan José Budeguer who, since 2005, has made his wine dream come true in Mendoza. The passion and devotion to work along with the tireless pursuit of excellence in every detail, are the heritage of a family from the north of Argentina, who chose the lands of Maipú and Agrelo, to elaborate a line of wines that honor their legacy.

Proud of our origin.

Nothing would have been possible without the unconditional support of Celia Budeguer, wife of Juan José and pillar of the family that is completed with their sons Celia, Luis and Sebastián. The respect for the origin and family tradition is reflected almost naturally in the spirit of respect for each terroir where they planted their "wine dream" in Mendoza. As in a family, each Budeguer brand expresses a style and personality that makes them unique and special but with a common origin that defines them.

The great wines are born in the vineyard.

The first 100 ha of the Budeguer family are located in Maipú. The soil of the property is of alluvial origin, so it has very heterogeneous characteristics. This allowed to implant each varietal in the soil that had better characteristics to enhance its expressiveness.

The vineyards are driven by high trellis system and the harvest is done entirely by hand, which guarantees the quality and care of the grains from the moment of harvest and until the arrival to the winery.

The entire surface has drip irrigation that allows the exact control of the water according to the need of each plant. The water comes from the Andean snowmelt and is contained in a beautiful dam that acts as a mirror of the sun and the stars of the Mendoza sky

Our winery is located in the heart of our Agrelo vineyards. Of modern architecture, rationalist and austere, it rises on a mirror of agura looking towards the imposing mountain range of the Andes. Inside it has the most modern processing technology and an imposing underground barrel room that houses the great aging wines of Budeguer. Visitors walk through and enjoy the wines in a very careful art gallery from which you have a total view of the soul of Budeguer.

"We make wines that represent and make us proud".

Federico Bizzotto is the chief winemaker of Budeguer and he is in charge of interpreting the potential and personality of each terroir that gives life to his beloved wines. Fresh, vivacious, modern and very expressive, each Federico wine represents the philosophy of the family but also its way of being and enjoying the passion of making unique and unforgettable wines.

Four thousand. The wines that represent us as a family.

4000 is a tribute to our origins (4000 is the Tucumán postal code) and the land we choose to make our dream come true. After a careful selection of grains, our reserve line is elaborated seeking to preserve its essence and varietal identity enhanced by its passage through French and American oak barrels.

4000 Black Blend


A vintage cut that is made with outstanding barrels of our best wines. It is a unique and unrepeatable wine as unique and unrepeatable are the possibilities of assemblage that our winemaker chooses year after year. The challenge is to discover the charm hidden in each bottle.



Our great Malbec, purple red, nose of good intensity with memories of ripe black and red fruits that gives way to the memory of the jam of our grandmothers. Its aromas of vanilla, black pepper, exotic spices and light smoked, provide a unique character that distinguishes it. The palate is intense, good volume and marked presence that extends over time.

4000 Black End
Reserva Duo

Tucumen Reserve.

Pure Argentine expression.

The fusion of two dreams and two lands dear to the family. Our image represents the cultural diversity of Argentina and also rescues the ancient spirit of the small town represented in the posters of its stores, restaurants or wineries. Colorful, expressive, fresh and unique. This is the spirit of our people, our roots and our wines.


Tucumen. Colors of the earth and our culture.

The Tucumen vineyards grow in a unique place in the heart of the prosperous terroir of Maipú. Finely selected farms and barracks provide their grapes for these wines that represent the essence of Argentine wine. Watered by the purest waters of the melting of the Andes mountain range, our grapes grow under a scorching sun that becomes a sea of stars on cool summer nights. This thermal amplitude allows to obtain wines of deep coloration, marked varietal typicity and a unique aromatic expression.

Reserva Duo

Tucumén Argentino

Two wines, one passion. All the Argentine spirit represented in a blend with a marked presence of our emblem strain in careful combination with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Vivacious, expressive and intense, these reserve wines are designed to accompany the typical table of roasted meats to the Argentine flame. Our Rosado Argentino is inspired by the sunsets in the vineyard that dye the sky of thousands of pink tones that are ideal companions of this subtle, elegant and distinguished wine. Made with Pinot Noir grapes, its aromas remind of cherries, cherries and flowers. Its refreshing acidity and delicate body remain in a long memory in the mouth.


Visits and tastings

Our winery is open to welcome you and taste our wines next to the beautiful landscape of Agrelo and the view of the imposing mountain range. To make reservations to visit or receive more information about our wines:

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